We hope the Red Cross proves us wrong with their work in Texas. Survivors need all the help they can get. From my personal experience volunteering with #OccupySandy, we learned real quick who was there for New Yorkers and who wasn’t. The Red Cross wasn’t there for many of us. Instead, it was Occupy Sandy and a host of local, grassroots, faith based organizations and volunteers that changed everything.

We’re not alone. Those stranded during Katrina and many in Haiti and elsewhere have long documented the Red Cross’ systemic failings and little sign of reform.

If you look closely, the Red Cross can occasionally be seen admitting as much, by asking folks to make direct donations to on the ground groups, even as they continue to take donations and spend them heaven knows where.

So why not just give to the food bank directly?

This site is a list of such places.

Rafael Shimunov