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Maria Fund

This fund, housed at the reputable Center for Popular Democracy, is using 100% of funds collected to specifically provide immediate relief, recovery, and equitable rebuilding

Amazon Wishlist

Civil Rights Attorney and Activist S. Lee Merritt is managing this wishlist providing direct support to families in Houston (highly recommended by¬†Shaun King) Donate.  

Corazon Ministries

Corazon Ministries is the church that rescued and houses 50 immigrants that ICE Homeland Security abandoned in the middle of the hurricane. They continue to

Texas Organizing Project

Born out of a hurricane itself, TOP made sure funding went to the right places. They’ll do it again. Read the story. Donate.

ICNA Relief

ICNA Relief (Muslims for Humanity) is preparing national and local disaster teams to support mass feeding, mucking-out and gutting-out, as needed in southern Texas. Donate.

Direct Relief

Hurricane Preparedness Packs are assembled in DR each year in advance of hurricane season. 11 caches, which contain critical supplies, are currently with health clinics


Too often, people with disabilities are left behind during disasters. Portlight’s hotline for them in Texas is ringing off the hook. Donate.

Galveston County Food Bank

GCFB knows how to make 75 meals with $25 for 27,000 food insecure children of Galveston, Texas. That’s before Harvey. Donate.

Houston Democratic Socialists of America

Houston DSA is leveraging its members and volunteers right now. They are applying 100% of donations to relief efforts only. Donate.

National Nurses United

NNU is the largest union of nurses in American history. And they’re sending Registered Nurses to relief sites across Texas. Donate.