“Where do you find these organizations?”

We do what all caring individuals would do if they had time before donating. We use our trusted networks and their connections to groups on the ground to find recommendations. After further vetting, we post groups that meet specific criteria and exclude any groups with red flags.

“What groups do you favor?”

We favor groups who have already been doing on the ground work before a disaster.

We do this because:

  1. These groups have earned our trust and the trust of their communities for many years.
  2. These groups are locally connected. They know where and how to make sure support reach people who need it because they work with them everyday.
  3. There groups are people-powered, without the costly overhead of large groups with corporate CEOs, salaries, and scandals.

“Do you favor other groups?”

Yes. We also sometimes list calls for donations by individuals directly or those organizing for them. We favor those vouched for by people we trust, but always mark them so that you’re always aware.

“Is this a comprehensive list?”

No. Consider it a personal list that’s popular because of the extraordinary effort we put into it.

“What organization is this website affiliated with?”

None. This site is managed by Rafael Shimunov and Shmoolik Salzberg on a 100% personal, volunteer basis.

“We love Red Cross, why don’t you?”

We love the at least 93% of the Red Cross — the volunteers on the ground. They sacrifice so much to help change people’s lives at their neediest. This volunteer spirit is also present outside of the Red Cross, but without the┬ácorporate leadership that has brought it serious lapses in ethics and accountability. We’re not alone. The most powerful critics of the Red Cross are people who know the Red Cross the most, those who work there and those who investigate it. Find more at Why Not The Red Cross?